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Party by Rue du Tambour

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Amy wrote us she wanted to write on our blog! Welcome!

I’m Amy Marshment, aged 17, a keen writer- a lover of fashion and have had the chance to do this fantastic article for Rue Du Tambour. I am currently in education doing A-levels but my ultimate dream is to be a fashion journalist. I found out about the fabulous site when I found them on Twitter. They were such an approachable and interesting company that I managed to write a small personal article for. Thank you!

"From a young age I have always been so excited about fashion. From the minute I Stepped into a department store I was enticed by materials, colours, designers and makeup counters. I remember being bought my first grey sequined Julien Macdonald hat and from that moment my enthusiasm for labels spiralled. I have always loved shopping and the first designer I really loved and was introduced to was Ted Baker. I adored picking out little winter coats, thick scarves and new outfits from the section in Debenhams and began to really love the prettiness and elegant look of the wonderful designer. 

I began taking a further interest into fashion when I became more Independent, shopping with friends became a regular habbit, visiting stores from New look to Selfridges plus special one off vintage shops. The next designer to make a huge impression on me was Vivienne Westwood. She is so striking! Her collections are bold and daring, plus I am a huge tartan fanatic. She is such an interesting character with her strong eco views and unique fashion ideas. I especially love her tartan skirts and striped blouses, completely wearable yet lift any outfit and are completely iconic. I have also recently been bought her biography ‘An unfashionable life’ as a present, so far it is a brilliant read! 

Through the internet I started to read fashion magazines such as Company online, looking at new trends and what famous people were wearing each Season. From that moment I began to become more inventive and wear clothes I really loved. Getting so excited over a new pair of shoes or even socks and always wanting to shop.  I decided to subscribe to Elle magazine and through my love of reading fashion magazines I came across The Clothes showlive. I have been to the Clothes show live once after booking my tickets mainly because of my huge interest and love for Henry Holland. The clothes are so fun, individual and colourful, and the t-shirts have such a sense of humour that I instantly liked the designer. The event was one of the best days I have been to, with such amazing little clothing stalls, huge makeup sections and not forgetting the incredible catwalk (which Henry Holland presented). I have already booked my tickets for this year as the day is crazy and unforgettable. 
I was also drawn to the modelling industry, for a few years now I have watched Britain and Ireland’s next top model and have always been impressed by the fabulous clothes they wear from many designers plus how much time is spent over perfecting a look and the confidence shown through wearing interesting clothes that suit you. 
At the moment the top ways I am looking at fashion are through Instagram, following all the high street shops such as Topshop and designers such as Victoria Beckham. Twitter is also a good way to catch-up on the latest trends with tweets from magazines and designers promoting the latest looks and collections. I also loved watching the live stream of London fashion week which sadly is over for another year. 
Another passion I have linking with fashion is collaging, sticking pages and articles from magazines all over my bedroom walls or in little scrapbooks. This way I can see how collections have changed through time and follow how they progress."

By Amy Marshment  MarshmentAmy

Henry Holland

Henry Holland

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS12

Vivienne Westwood Spring-Summer 2013 Trend Florals

Julien Macdonald

Julien Macdonald, Spring 2012 RTW